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What is home automation?


In an increasingly connected world home automation is a logical step and is the electronic control of appliances and activity within the home and surrounds.

Home automation is a control system that connects a range of appliances and makes them easily accessible via one control point.

Devices that can be connected include media, climate control, lighting, security and more. They can be easily controlled within the home or remotely via a smart device such as a phone or tablet making life simpler.


Why you should install home automation


The principal reason why home automation is ideal for each and every home is because it makes it easy for you to reduce your carbon footprint. You can go green and reduce your power consumption by automating your home.

Streamline your interaction with multiple appliances and remove the confusion that numerous controls present.

Imagine being able to control your heating, lighting and music within seconds through just a couple of touches on the control. You can turn on your home heating via your Smartphone whilst travelling and be welcomed to a warm house.

We can design the perfect home automation system to suit your family, home and lifestyle.





Home Theatre

Control your audio and video equipment, lights, temperature and even curtains to create the perfect home theatre experience from your console. Access local media or browse your files in the cloud to entertain or inform


Multi Room Music

You can create the atmosphere that you desire with the music that you love. Stream audio to multiple locations throughout the house. Home automation gives you the ability to control music in individual rooms from your smart phone or tablet



We have numerous safety options available with our home automation systems. Enable perimeter video surveillance, automatic notifications and watch live CCTV from your home theatre or remotely via your smart phone or tablet to always feel safe



Turn lights off downstairs from the warmth of your bed, program your preferred configurations to suit the time of day or check that lights are on remotely when you are away on vacation



Make sure that your home appliances are working efficiently. This enables you to save power and reduce your carbon footprint whilst also reducing your costs.



Control the heating and cooling in your home. Turn systems on an off automatically either at home or remotely to always keep your home environment at a comfortable temperature



Water your garden from anywhere in the world. Schedule your watering times to suit the seasons and keep your garden green 12 months of the year from any device


Mobile Access

Access your home automation system anywhere through your mobile devices such as smart phone or tablet